The Philosophy

E&L by LUNDQVIST designs flowers, lots of flowers. Most characteristic is the rose available in almost all colors and sizes from brooches to hairclips or fine pearl- or satin belts.

The fabric roses are produced using new technology fibers that make it possible to create shapes that look like natural roses and they are washable by hand without losing their shape.

The beautiful roses are accompanied by delicate pearl flowers and lovely spangle flowers and leaves; an entire flora of great creations all in beautiful shapes and creative color compositions.

Beyond this E&L by LUNDQVIST has designed and produced a collection of accessories in mink and rabbit skin in cooperation with KOPENHAGEN FUR. The collection consists of the very popular fur heart with a keyring, several types of flowers with a brooch or on a hairpin as well as a collection of various pendants for chains or bracelets.

E&L by LUNDQVIST has further more a basic wear collection with; leggings, tops and body-stockings in good lycra qualities. The collection comes from size XS to XL all in the colour black.

The latest addition is a collection of custom made corsets and ‘ready to wear’ Waspies. Mette Lundqvist has for many years been making bespoke corsets for varies artists, and now our two line of corsets are made available in the shop.