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Overbust Corset, Model 16-03

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Corsel 16-03

Custom made corset.


Classic over bust corset.

The photos show two variations, both with a busk closing in front, with steel boning in all seams and with a lace closing in the back.


We make your corset exactly as you wish it to be and according to your own measures.

Using our styles as a starting point, we make your corset to suit your ideas and we use the materials you want.

To construct your corset you need to make some choices, we will very thoroughly go through all this in an e-mail sent to you, after you have booked the corset. We will also explain how you take your measurements right.

To be sure to get your corset exactly as you want it to be, we will send you textile and material samples by post before starting on your corset. Do you have your own materials please send them to us.


You are welcome to call or visit us as well.


The delivery time is normally between one to six weeks after order date, but it depends on the complexity of the style wanted. As soon as all details are in place we estimate an expected delivery time and begin working on your corset.

The payed amount will only be drawn from your account the day we ship your corset. Any additional payments for special options agreed by e-mail will be billed separately.



Photo texts:

The crème coloured corset is in three layers; cotton coutil covered with a layer of classic satin and lined with satin lining. The corset is without borders and laced with a 25 mm band in the back.


The black/green corset is in two/three layers; cotton coutil covered with classic satin and on the front & back pieces a layer of rustic cotton lace. The corset is lined with satin lining.

The corset is without borders but has green piping’s in all vertical seams and is laced with a 15 mm satin band in the back.


The crème corset in the last pictures is trimmed with an ornamental band and a lot of pearls are hand stitched on. The price of the decoration is not included in the normal price.